Nagatoro River Rafting in Saitama!

Kanto Entertainment Saitama 2019.08.06
River rafting along the Arakawa river. A great summer activity to do in Saitama prefecture.
Great summer activity in Saitama!
Nagatoro River rafting is one of the must-do activities in Nagatoro, Saitama prefecture.
The rafting is separated into two different courses, and each course takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the condition of the river.
(We have tried the A course this time, so we won't be talking about the B course.)
Nagatoro Station
Once you get off the train at the Nagatorostation, you will find your way to the ticket booth.
Purchase a ticket and there will be a bus that will take you down to the line rafting commencing point.

The boats that you will be riding in
You will be riding in these boats down the river.
They are actually quite comfortable to ride in. 

You will be asked to wear a life vest just in case! It's always good to be safe than sorry.

Once you hop in the boat the ride begins!
There will be a tour guide that attends the whole ride, but that is only available in Japanese.
There are few points to look out for, but we will keep that a secret for you to discover for yourself.
A course ends at the middle of the whole course, where the pile of rocks is.

This place is also close to the Nagatoro station, just walk up the stairs to get back to the station where you started. 
It's not a long way to get back to the station, but on the way back, you will see many small shops selling local specialties and restaurants with local cuisine.
It’s interesting to even just walk along the way up to the station. 

There's also street food available along this way, try the delicious miso potatoes or if you're feeling too hot, try the shaved ice, or there's even gelato on the way back. If you're planning to have lunch, there are the local specialty Soba noodles with walnut dipping sauce or locally caught fish on the grill.

Fill your hungry stomach after the ride.
Here's an outdoor activity for you to try this summer. Also, take a look at their official website for further details.
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The Nagatoro River Rafting
Basic Info
NameNagatoro Line Ticket Booth
Address〒369-1305 Saitama, Chichibu-gun, Nagatoro, Unnamed Road
StationNagatoro station of the Chichibu railway line
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