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Autumn is coming to the northern hemisphere, and in Japan that means it's time for koyo (紅葉), or fall foliage viewing! Every year crowds around the country flock to the most beautiful spots to see the seasons change, and the leaves shift from green to red. With amazing weather and colorful scenery, it's a great time to explore Japan. The four prefectures of Shikoku share a similar climate across the island and November tends to be the right time to see the foliage. Iya Valley is especially known for its mountainous areas changing colours to brilliant red.

Iya Valley

Right at the west end of Tokushima, below the Yoshino river and pass the mountains of Tsurugisan and Miunesan, lies the town of Miyoshi, and down south from the town is the valleys of Iya.

The valley is known for its tall mountains that surround the area and all the rainfall it gets throughout the year. 

These conditions of the valley have kept it hard for people to explore around and thus the area is know to be one of the top three unexplored areas of Japan.
  • The season for foliage around here starts somewhere around late October to early November and goes on till around the end of November.

    The view from the top of the mountain observing the Hinoji valley【ひの字渓谷:ひのじけいこく】(the name comes from the shape of the valley looking like a Hiragana character ひ), is one of the spots with the best view. 

    There are buses that go around the valleys of Iya so you can check that out as well at their official website here.
  • Parts of the valleys can go up to approximately 200 meters high, and that what makes the view more spectacular.

    If you prefer to go around on your own, you can also use the rent-a-car service in Shikoku as well.

The Kazura bridge at Iya valley

  • Do you want more of the thrilling feeling?
    Go to see the Kazurabashi 【かずら橋:かずらばし】bridge located 14 meters high from the water surface and goes for 45 meters in length.

What's good to try in Shikoku? Bonito the Tosa way.

  • Bonito done Tosa style, also known as the "Katsuo no Tataki"【鰹のタタキ:かつおのたたき】, is the way they sear the outside of a bonito with the flames of straw, served sliced with different kinds of herbal condiments and seasonings, is a specialty of Tokushima in the Shikoku region.
If you are a foodie, you can take a look at our gourmet list of foods to try in the Shikoku and Chugoku region here.

What is your favourite autumn food in Japan?
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