Japan Road Trip to Shikoku (Ehime, Kagawa, Kochi, Tokushima)

Shikoku / chugoku Tour 2017.06.28
w/ NISSAN Rent-a-Car NOTE e-POWER ~

Go around 4 prefectures in Shikoku ~

Shikoku is the smallest island of Japan's four major islands.
Actually there are a lot of great spots in Shikoku, 
but it seems there are not much information in foreign languages on the net.
Here we would like to share with you our road trip to Shikoku for your reference.

Let's go!! 
Road trip to Shikoku!!!

A. Naruto Strait (鳴門海峽) 
B. Oboke Koboke (大歩危小步危)・Manneken-Pis (小便小僧 )
C. Hirome Market (弘人市場) 
D. Shimanto River (四万十川)
E. Dogo Onsen Hot Spring (道後溫泉)

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    Matsuyama Store
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🚗Kagawa Prefecture (香川県)

Famous Udon Noodles in Kagawa
  • Popular Store
    Popular Store
  • Delicious Udon
    Delicious Udon
  • Go!
Kagawa Prefecture is known as the prefecture of largest production of Udon.

A udon shop first opened in 1914. Although it is a small and simple shop, it is pretty famous and has long queue always. More than 1000 visitors a day!

★ Yamagoe Udon (山越うどん)
602-2 Hayukakami, Ayagawa-cho, Ayauta-gun, Kagawa, 761-2207
Map code: 228786652*67
Closed: Every Sunday
Official Homepage
Nakano Udon Noodle Restaurant Takamatsu School (中野うどん学校 高松校)
  • Entrance
  • Interesting Experience
    Interesting Experience
  • Memorial Shot
    Memorial Shot
As this is named Udon School,
after learning the technique and skills of making delicious udon, 
we definitely are qualified to receive the certification 
and have a memorial "graduation" shot!

★ Nakano Udon Noodle Restaurant Takamatsu School (中野うどん学校 高松校) 
8 Nariaicho, Takamatsu, Kagawa 761-8081
Map code: 60451078*51
Open Hour:09:00〜17:00
Open all year round
Reservation is required.
Workshop time: 40〜50 minutes
Workshop+tasting+Shopping:About 90 minutes
Official Homepage
Reservation Page


🚗Tokushima Prefecture (徳島県)

Naruto Strait is a strait between Awaji Island and Shikoku. 
The bridge across is called Onaruto Bridge (大鳴門橋)
1629 meters long connecting Hyogo prefecture and Tokushima Prefecture.

It is selected as one of the Hundred beautiful spots in Japan! (日本百景)
Especially  a famous feature of the strait is the Naruto whirlpools. 
It is known as the Best 3 whirlpool in the world.

Get on to the cruise to check out the undersea of Naruto Strait
and feel the greatness of the whirlpool. 

★ Naruto Strait (鳴門海峽) 
Naruto, Tokushima 772-0053
Map Code:56689446*35
Official homepage of Naturo City Uzushio Tourist Association

★ Uzushio cruise (うずしお観潮船)
264-1 Oge, Naruto-cho Tosadomariura, Tokushima 7720053
Map Code: 406210244*22
Adult: 1,800 yen ;  Child: 900 yen (30 minutes)
Open hour: 8:00- 17:00
Official Homepage
  • Oboke Gorge  (大歩危)
    Oboke Gorge (大歩危)
    They are the valleys located upstream of the Yoshino-gawa River in the western part of Tokushima. 
    They are narrow and steep.
    The unusual natural shaped rock and sandstone create an beautiful and fascinating sight especially during cherry blossom season in spring and autumn foliage in fall.
    Recommend you to take a boat trip down the river. 

    ★ Oboke Kyo Mannaka  (大歩危峡まんなか) 
    1520 Yamashirocho Nishiu, Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima 779-5451
    Map Code: 357151826*14
    Boat Trip Business Hour: 9:00- 17:00 
    Price: Adult 1,080 yen ; Children (Elementary school) 540 yen
    Time: about 30 minutes
    Boat Trip Official Page
  • Iya (祖谷)
    Iya (祖谷)
    There is a suspension bridges called Kazurabashi of Iya.
    To go across the river, the bridge is the only way to do it!
    It is all made of vines about 45 meters long and 2 meters wide, 
    known as one of the scenic area in Tokushima. 
    See if you are brave enough to cross it!

    ★ Iya (祖谷)
    162-2, Nishiiyayamamura Zentoku, Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima 778-0102
    Map Code: 357130582*52
    Open Hour: From sunrise to sunset (7:00~ 17:00)
    Price to cross the river: Adult 550 yen; Children 350 yen
    Available all year around
  • Manneken-Pis at Iyakei Valley (小便小僧 )
    Manneken-Pis at Iyakei Valley (小便小僧 )
    A landmark of small bronze sculpture on the edge of the cliff of 200 meters height!
    It has been built since 1968 and become sightseeing spots as introduced on TV.

    ★ Manneken-Pis at Iyakei Valley (小便小僧 )
    Ikedacho Matsuo, Miyoshi, Tokushima 779-5165
    Map Code: 357425452*00
    For more related detail>> HERE

🚗Kochi Prefecture (高知県)

  • Hirome Market (弘人市場)
    Hirome Market (弘人市場)
    The largest market in Shikoku.
    There are more than 60 shops and 40 are restaurants!
    Wanna have Shikoku's taste?
    You should come here!
    The most recommended one is
    grilled bonito (smoked bonito sashimi)
    raw inside and roast outside!

    ★Hirome Market (弘人市場)
    2-3-1 Obiyamachi, Kochi-shi, Kochi 780-0841
    Map Code: 73184798*55
    Open Hour: Mon, Sat, national holidays 8:00-23:00
    Sun 7:00-23:00
    Official Homepage
  • Shimanto River (四万十川)
    Shimanto River (四万十川)
    It is 196 km long but does not have any dam.
    With its beautiful nature, 
    it is known as the last clear stream of Japan. 

    The river is clear like a mirror.
    The bridge is clearing reflecting on the surface of the river.
    And the bridge is not wide, 
    that only a small scale of car can pass through,
    so safety drive is required on the bridge.

    ★ Shimanto River (四万十川) 
    Katsuma, Shimanto-shi, Koshi
    Map Code: 764188854*86
    Official Homepage of Shimanto City Tourism Association

🚗Ehime Prefecture(愛媛県)

  • Shimonada Station(下灘駅)
    Shimonada Station(下灘駅)
    A famous photo shooting spot here!!
    A lot of Japanese dramas and movies taking favor of its location and beautiful scene to create a lot of great works.
    It is known as the station nearest to the sea in Japan!
    Thereby, no doubt
    different fantastic scenes are expected in good weather!
  • Hotel Okudogo Ichiyu no Mori (奥道後 壱湯の守)
    Hotel Okudogo Ichiyu no Mori (奥道後 壱湯の守)
    A hot spring facility, which you can enjoy the beautiful view while soaking at the hot springs.

    ★ Hotel Okudogo Ichiyu no Mori (奥道後 壱湯の守)
    267 Suemachi, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime 791-0122
    Map Code: 53414427*43
    Official Page

Dogo Onsen Hot Spring (道後溫泉)

Dogo Onsen Hot Spring (道後溫泉) is a hot spring in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture.
Having more than 3000 years history and known as one of the oldest three hot spring in Japan, the building has been recognized as
Japanese national designated important cultural heritage!

It is said that the building in animation Spirited Away has been influenced by the architecture here too!
If you are fans of Hayao Miyazaki, 
you don't wanna miss it!

★ Dogo Onsen Hot Spring (道後溫泉)
1-7 Dogomachi, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime 790-0843
Map Code: 53349549*56
Open Hour: 
1F Kami no yu 6:00- 23:00
2-3F Rest room 6:00-22:00
For price and service info
Official Page
Nishiseto Expressway (西瀬戸自動車道)
Nishiseto Expressway is also called Shimanami Kaido(しまなみ海道).
It is an expressway connecting Ehime and Hiroshima. 
It contains ten bridges and is a route available for bicycles, mopeds and pedestrians crossing, of course cars.

★ Nishiseto Expressway (西瀬戸自動車道)
Shimanami Kaido, 3-9 Ohamacho, Imabari, Ehime 794-0002
Map code:356357415*34
Bicycle rental
Official HOMEPAGE 
What do you think about our road trip to Shikoku??
Nissan Rent-a-car travel!!!
We did have a great time!!!!

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