How Japan is Reacting to 2019 nCoV

Tokyo Tour Safety 2020.01.27
Starting in China and now spread across the world, the fourth case of coronavirus infection confirmed in Japan yesterday Jan 26. How are people in Japan reacting in an everyday life?
While people are concerned about the spread of this novel coronavirus, the city of Wuhan has closed its transport network over the weekend and the Chinese government taking action on regulating the numbers of tourists, in Japan today, on the 27th of January, we hear many concerns online and offline. However, for people who carry on with their “ordinary life”, things seem as usual. We do see many people wearing masks however, it is a common sight in Japan around this time of the year.
  • People make the effort to go to work and commute in an ordinary manner and come home the same way as they usually do.

    We see rumors as well, so it is important to pay extra attention to seek real information.

    While the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has only limited information, it is important to know the everyday prevention actions you can take. Also, read the advice from the World Health Organization (WHO).

    If you are considering traveling to Japan or are already here in Japan you might find this translated list of words related to infectious disease provided by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) useful, along with this “Guide for when you’re feeling ill” by Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO).

    As any health organization would suggest washing hands, gargling and appropriate use of masks play an important role here, so make sure to do so for the safety of yourself and others, and have a safe trip!

    Also, it might be useful to know how to correctly use the disposable masks that you will find in Japan, commonly known as the surgical masks.

    Despite the current circumstances, as long as you stay well informed by regularly checking WHO and MHLW's website and keep the important points in mind, you should be fine to enjoy your trip!
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