Japanese Fireworks Happening Summer 2020 - 3 Days of Lakeside Fireworks in the Nasu Highlands

Kanto Tour Fireworks 2020.06.10
With summer events being canceled right and left throughout Japan, these Nasu fireworks promise fun and a little extra hope!
In Japan, summer is fireworks season, and most years the warming weather means countless fireworks events around the country―nighttime skies filled with pyrotechnics. But fireworks festivals are fairly low priority now that we're living in a world with COVID-19, and like other large events, they're being canceled en masse. But not all fireworks festivals are going down without a fight! The 55th Annual Rindo Lake Fireworks Festival is going another direction, and planning to move forward with their event in late July. With a mission of "sending energy, courage, and hope" to all the people doing their best during these trying times, the event will take place over 3 consecutive days starting July 23rd.
Of course, this means that the 55th annual edition of this event, part of their "Go! Go! (55) Campaign," will be a little different from previous years. For one, attendees won't be crowding on the lakeshore to watch the fireworks. The planners intend to institute social distancing measures when setting up viewing areas, so the event will indeed be a beacon of hope and not an epicenter of COVID-19 infection. On the other hand, indeed of the 3,000 fireworks used in past festivals, they plan to set off a total of 5,500 during each of the three days, many of them used for their special "under/on the water fireworks" displays.
55th Annual Rindo Lake Fireworks Festival
Date/Time: July 23~25 / 19:30 - 20:25 (55 minutes)
Venue: Nasu Rindoko Lake View
Official Website
*May be canceled in the case of inclement weather, changes in social conditions.
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