Insomnia: Stay Up All Night at This MANGA ART HOTEL in Jinbocho Tokyo

Tokyo Accommodation Manga 2019.03.25
As Tokyo becoming a popular destination, we are having more and more themed hotels and hostels and other accommodations. Early this year, this super quality comic-themed capsule hotel "MANGA ART HOTEL" has opened in the Jimbocho area. An area famous for book lovers.
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This hotel does not only hold 5,000 comics, but also has a unique theme selection, and this paired with comfortable space design, travelers who like Japanese comics can spend a relaxing and fulfilling night accompanied by comics.

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No need for your smartphone tonight! You're surrounded by 5,000 Mangas to pass the night!

Still remember that day when BOOK AND BED opened in Tokyo a few years ago?
Combining bookshelves with the capsule hotels styles beds giving that feeling of sleeping under all those books.
This year's MANGA ART HOTEL creates the comic-themed travel space experience that not only provides new accommodation options for visitors to Tokyo, but also adds as a new icon to Tokyo's nightlife. 
Located on the 4th and 5th floors of the building, "MANGA ART HOTEL" is divided into two separated floors. One for girls and the other for the boys. 
Both floors serve exactly the same.
The white interior is their main design, giving a fresh and comfortable feeling and relaxation. 
The comic books on the bookshelf outside the room can be read in the rooms as if you're in a private space to read your comics.

A total of 5,000 comic books are stored in the hotel, which may be arranged accordingly to the different reading orientations depending on each floor.
However, if you can't find the comics you want to see on your own floor, or you don't know which comics to start with, you can go to the front desk to find a staff member, they will be happy to help you find what you may like.
The only unfortunate thing may be that most of the comics in the hotel are mainly in Japanese, some of which do have English translations though.

So, planning for your Manga night?

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