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Japanese Traditional Holiday, Hina Matsuri (ひな祭り) 🎎 Japan's Girls' Day Celebration


🎎Japan's Doll Festival🎎 

Every year on March 3, families with daughters all over Japan celebrate a special day in Japanese culture, Hina Matsuri (Hina Festival). There are many different names, Hina Matsuri, Doll Festival, and Girls Festival, probably because they all relate to what the festival is all about. On this day, stunning Japanese hina dolls are set up to celebrate girls and to pray for their health and happiness. 

  • The displaying of hina dolls began in the early 1600s as a way to ward off evil spirits. It was thought that the dolls would act as good luck charms, although many people now find them eerie. Which is probably due to the fact that the origin of the dolls was said to be used as a harness to transfer one's sins and misfortune to a doll, and then removed by putting the doll in a river and have it float away.
  • Hina dolls are either handed down to the girls or a new set is bought from the grandparents. The dolls are dressed in Japanese ancient garment to represent the imperial court of the Heian period (A.D. 794 to 1185) and feature the emperor, empress, attendants, and musicians dressed in traditional garb. 

Hina Doll Tiered Platform/Stand

  • The tiered platform or stand for hina dolls is called "Hina dan" (ひな壇).  It is normally a five to seven-tiered stand and each stand is decorated differently depending on the place/household in the sense that some include Japanese folding screens, realistic futon mattresses, lanterns, tea sets, etc.
    Some even very new and others obviously older. It's really fun to see all of the history and decorations at each
    hina doll stand. 

Hina Matsuri Traditional Food

  • There are a number of traditional dishes to eat on Girls' Day, one of those dishes is chirashi sushi (ちらし寿司). Chirashi sushi is a combination of the sugary-vinegared sushi rice with raw fish and vegetables on top. Since it is normally very colorful, the sushi is served to celebrate special occasions!

Wonder Place to See Hina Matsuri Dolls

🎎Katsuura Big Hina Matsuri at Tomisaki Shrine🎎

  • We went to a massive display of Hina Matsuri Dolls unlike anything we've ever seen before at Tomisaki Shrine in Katsuura, Chiba.
    Earlier we said a normal tiered doll stand is from 5-7, however here at Tomisaki has
    60! Simply beautiful🎎
  • 🚉Access to Tomisaki Shrine🎎🌸
    Tomisaki Shrine is just a short walk from Katsuura Station (勝浦駅) on the Sotobo Line (外房線).
    It's about a 2 1/2 hour train ride from Tokyo Station, and there are two different ways of getting there.
    ❶Take the 
    JR Sobu Line Rapid (総武線快速) from Tokyo Station to Chiba Station (千葉駅) and change to the Sotobu Line to Katsuura Station.
    ❷Take the
    JR Keiyo Line Rapid (JR総武線快速) from Tokyo Station to Soga Station (蘇我駅) and change to the Sotobu Line to Katsuura Station

    Tomisaki Shrine (遠見岬神社) HP (Japanese)

🎎Japan's Hina Matsuri, Doll Festival, Girls' Day🎎

  • Japan's hina dolls are something that truly shows off the beauty of Japanese craftsmanship. The dolls are normally quite expensive, but we can see why one would want to keep such beautiful things in their houses. It's a shame that they are only brought out for this specific occasion. One of these days we hope to get some of our own❤🎎

    Have you ever been to a Hina Matsuri?
    We wanna hear about it!

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