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Tokyo Shopping 2018.03.05
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What was the most popular makeup item of 2017? Many YouTubers and Instagramers often introduce more expensive brand makeup, which is why we would like to go over 2017 makeup trend without having to spend a lot. CANMAKE is a Japanese cosmetic brand that is expanding its awareness not only in Japan but also around the world as the best Japanese affordable cosmetics brand. So this time JAPANKURU is going to list the 3 popular cosmetic items from CANMAKE in 2017! 
Now, let's find out what these most popular items were!


Marshmallow Finish Powder

The Marshmallow Finish Powder can be used as a foundation, finishing powder, or for touch-ups!

Marshmallow Finish Powder
Color used: #MP
Price: 940yen + tax

CANMAKE Marshmallow Finish Powder (ENG)

Why people love it:

no additives
leaves your skin with a nice matte finish
conceals pores
contains 10 beautifying agents (prevents skin from drying out)
Great moisture
Good for those who like the natural look
✦ SPF26 and PA ++ basic UV protection

There are now four different colors, 
a brightening tone, darker tone, pinkish tone, beige tone.

MO - Matte Ochre
A matte light ochre that will make your skin
look brighter in an instant

ML - Matte Light Ochre
A bright ochre, for a highly translucent look

MP - Matte Pink Ochre
A peach ochre that creates a softer expression

MB - Matte Beige Ochre
An ochre shade that quickly and easily blends into your skin

As mentioned in the pros section, the Marshmallow Finish Powder contains cosmetic ingredients that both adds necessary skin care while preventing wear off and shine.
The powder is also very easy to control. If you like a more sheer look, just gently stroke the powder puff on the skin. For a more medium to full coverage, you can either gradually build the powder or damn the powder puff and tap onto your skin rather than brushing.

Glow Fleur Cheeks

A natural powder that creates a soft shading effect! 
Despite it being a powder, it doesn't leave a powdery finish.
Instead, it clings to your skin as if it melted, boosting translucence and a healthy look.


 Glow Fleur Cheeks
Price: 800yen + tax

CANMAKE Glow Fleur Cheeks (ENG)

Recently a wider color range has been released 
to give a wider variety of looks and options.
Each formula is made keeping each skin tone and kind in mine★

No. 1 Peach Fleur
No. 2 Apricot Fleur
No. 3 Orange Fleur
No. 4 Strawberry Fleur
No. 5 Wedding Fleur
No. 6 Milky Red Fleur
No. 8 Fuchsia Berry Fleur
No.9 Burgundy Fleur

 Add some extra expression to your face with a palate 
that includes tones for a natural gradation, 
such as a luminescent pearl color, dark color, and light color.

For the perfect look, sweep the brush through all five shades and
apply on the top of your cheekbones.
You can also just use your favorite tones as a highlighter
and apply to where light naturally hits the face✨

Super soft application
Contains a sebum-absorbing powder (silica) to prevent your makeup from running.
Free from mineral oils, petroleum-based surfactants
Contains collagen and other beautifying and moisturizing agents  
5 shade compact to create original color and radiance
Blurs pores and fine lines

Stay-On Balm Rouge

The Stay-On Balm Rouge series is one of the most popular items among CANMAKE's lip series. 
In April 2017, the newly released tinted type Stay-On series took the top spot.

 Stay-On Balm Rouge
Price: 580yen + tax

CANMAKE Stay-On Balm Rouge (ENG)


The long-lasting tinted type consists of four colors of 
red, pink, semi-coral, and a semi-burgundy. 
Since it's a tint type, 
it comes off as a transparent sheer color on the lips. 

No. T01 Little Anemone  Bright yellow-red
No. T02 Happy Tulip  Standard glossy pink
No. T03 Ruby Carnation  Red for casual style
No. T04 Chocolate Lily  A translucent brownish red

Super smooth!
Good for those who like the natural look but want to some color!
Makes lips feel super soft and moisturized.
Keeps your lips plump, soft  
Tint and non-tint colors available
UV care

The concept is, 
"What would happen if we added color to a lip balm...❤?",
and that is exactly what they did.
Ultimate lip care with a hint of color💋


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CANMAKE is a Japanese cosmetic brand that has been loved for many years because of it's overall concept of working with people's natural beauty for a reasonable and fair price. Popular cosmetics in Japan are causing a stir in our duty-free shops and drugstores. So please make sure to check out the popular items of CANMAKE when you get the chance.

For more info on CANMAKE products:

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