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Tokyo Shopping Luxury 2016.09.14
When it's time to treat yourself, this is where you go!

Recommended Shopping Spot In Ginza Tokyo

Most of you must have heard about Ginza before.  It is a shopping paradise for international and Japanese brand products. Of course famous brands like Channel, Louis Vuitton, Burberry and BVIGARI etc. can be found here, Japanese famous department stores like Ginza Mitsukoshi, Ginza Matsuya can also be found. Among these Japanese department stores, there is one store that you cannot be missed - Ginza WAKO!

About Ginza WAKO
Today, you can shop for fashions, watches, jewelries, and other homewares at Ginza WAKO. However, it was not a department store at the time it was opened. It was only a shop for selling watches!

Men's Wear and Accessories - 4F

Let's start our shopping on the top floor first! From tailor-made suits and shirts to neckties, scarfs, belts, and suspenders etc., all kinds of men's fashionable items can be found on the fourth floor.

Maybe you will say the prices are out of your budget, but don't worry, there are still other items that are affordable for most of us. We have a few recommended items here for you.
  • 01. Neckties
    Most of the neckties are designed by WAKO with 100% silk fabric. What's more? They are all made in Japan!!

    Prices from 10,800 to 12,960 yen (tax included)
  • 02. Handkerchiefs for Suit Pockets
    By adding this small item, you will look different and stylish in a second. Another good thing is, it is not expensive too!
  • 03. Suspenders
    Suspenders were designed to hold up trousers but nowadays, people use it as an accessory to match with their outfit.

    Here, you can find suspenders that made by famous British suspenders brand "Albert Thurston"specially for WAKO!!

    Prices from left to right: 32,400 yen, 10,800 yen, 10,800 yen, 12,960 yen

Women's Wear and Accessories - 3F

Fashions from famous international brands can be found here. Other than that, variety of accessories are available for you to choose!! Let us give you a few great ideas!
Many visitors like to buy Japanese designed handkerchiefs in Japan. In addition to good quality, the designs are very nice too. Actually handkerchief is a good idea for souvenir! It is not expensive and doesn't take a lot of space of your luggage! That's very important, right?

WAKO original designed handkerchiefs are special because they are not massively produced and designs are unique too.

Prices from 2,000 to 5,000 yen

Luxurious Jewelries - 2F

If you want to buy some jewelries in Japan, second floor of WAKO is a good place for you to visit. From the original designed items to brands from England and Italy, a huge selection are available here. 
  • Sapphire, diamond, ruby, amethyst, emerald are called the top 5 gems in the world. Do you know that there is a special and unique symbolism of each of them?

    For example, ruby is the birthstone for July, and it symbolizes love and peace. Emerald is the birthstone for May, and it symbolizes luck and fortune. Sapphire is the birthstone for September, and it symbolizes honesty and truth.

    (Left) Emerald Jewelries: 1,026,000 yen - 11,880,000 yen
    (Right) Sapphire Jewelries: 1,080,000 yen - 2,700,000 yen
  • A symbol of love, health, long life, and fortune, pearls are loved by many women. Depending on the size and quality of pearls, prices are different too.

    Both white pearl and the rarely seen black pearl can be found here.

    Price: 950,400 yen (tax included)

Watches - 1F

Of course famous brands like OMEGA, Hublot can be found here, SEIKO watches can also be found here too.  Do you know that SEIKO made their first wristwatch in Japan in 1913? Since then, it is still a famous Japanese watch brand in the world.
  • 01. ASTRON

    With the GPS Solar technology, SEIKO Astron GPS Solar has been an outstanding success since its launch in September 2012, with its huge global acceptance giving proof positive of the global demand for a watch that adjusts to time zones. (Information from SEIKO watches)

  • 02. CREDOR
    SEIKO dedicated master craftsmen use only premium materials and express Japanese beauty and delicate aesthetics. Credor timepieces combine Seiko’s traditional craftsmanship with contemporary, high-end technology, and depend on their over 100 years of watchmaking. (Information from SEIKO watches)

    Lastly, we would like to introduce you these high-end mechanical watches.

    The three characteristics of GRAND SEIKO watches:
    1. Accuracy
    2. Legibility
    3. Beauty

    Price: 330,000 yen + tax

Homewares and Interior Decor - B1

If you are interested in looking at some fine homewares, you can't miss B1 floor of WAKO.
  • 01. Chopstick and Spoon Holders
    Traditional Japanese style chopstick and spoon holders. Very interesting designs indeed. Just use these as decorations is a great idea too.
  • 02. Small Silver Boxes
    If you are looking for some small boxes, how about these silver made well designed boxes?  Just like the vintage style box on the left, it is cute and it can be used to put your earrings in.

    Because they are made of silver, prices are a bit high. (Around 20,000 yen to 30,000 yen)
  • 03. Baby Products
    On the same B1 floor, there is a baby products corner where you can find oversea products here, for example the famous soft toys and baby clothes etc.

Ginza Wako

We hope that next time when you pass by Ginza, spend you time to visit Ginza WAKO to experience a high class and luxurious shopping time there! From men's and women's fashions to jewelries, watches and homewares, variety of international and Japanese products are waiting for you at Ginza WAKO!!

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See you there! :)
Basic Info
NameGinza Wako Main Building
Address4-5-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
StationGinza Station
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