Take a romantic walk along Enoshima's Shichirigahama Beach, and enjoy the beautiful sunset!

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Enoshima might just be the perfect spot for your next date.

Take a romantic walk along Enoshima to see the beautiful sunset!

Looking for a romantic spot near Tokyo to go out on a date? Enoshima's Shichirigahama Beach might just be the perfect place for that.

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Enjoy the beach at night at Shichirigahama(七里ヶ浜)

Lots of visitors head to this particular neighborhood to get a good view of the Kamakurakokomae Station (鎌倉高校前駅), which is famous for being depicted in the extremely popular basketball manga Slam Dunk. Getting a good view of the real-world scenery that acts as a backdrop for the most dramatic moments of your favorite story can be tons of fun, so definitely check it out if you're a Slam Dunk fan.

But the fame of that mundane station means that people ignore the scenic beauty of the area! You don't want to miss out on a view of Shichirigahama Beach, with the sun casting a soft glow on the water and the train tracks that run along the coast. You can even get over there by hopping on and off the Enoden train line.

If you or your significant other happens to be a basketball-playing Slam Dunk fan, too, the combo of fun sightseeing spot and romantic sunset might be the perfect day out!

Kamakurakokomae Station/Shichirigahama Beach
Google Maps
  • The beach from Enoshima.
  • The Enoden running along the coast.
It's also nice to see the Enoshima from the top of the cliff.
The combination of the cliffs and the sunset makes it even better, with the contrast of the shade and the lighting.
Stay 'till the evening.

Since you're here for the day, why not spend a bit more time on this island?

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