A Must Go Spot around Kawaguchiko Near Mount Fuji

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Kawaguchiko Herbkan or Herb Hall is a one of the interesting spots around Mount Fuji and Kawaguchiko

Kawaguchiko Herbkan

The Kawaguchiko Herbkan, also known as the herb hall in English, is located near Mount Fuji viewing spots.
It will only take you approximately 7 minutes if you're coming from Kawaguchiko Station.
  • This is what it looks like from outside. 

    This place is also famous for their homemade Castella (we have a short explanation in our previous article about this), and lavender ice cream. 

    A nice relaxing spot with plenty of souvenirs to buy, flower garden to look at and hands-on workshops.
  • There are items related to Mount Fuji, and lots of lavender products.
    There is really a lot to look at.
  • They have a lot of dry flowers on display, so you can enjoy the lovely perfume of them while you brows around.
  • They have this cute glassware that looks like Mount Fuji.
    It looks like a single stem vase.
  • Out of the souvenir shop and into the greenhouse.
    You will see many sorts of flowers in here.
  • You can also buy these plants here at the garden.
  • There's also a cafe located right next to it within the same building.
    This is their famous lavender ice cream.

    So, that was the herb hall near lake Kawaguchiko, a place full of things to eat and look at.
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