Rediscover The Lost Art of Tsujigahana at Itchiku Kubota Art Museum

Chubu Tour Museum 2019.09.06
Tsujigahana is a Japanse art that was once lost. It was a technique dyeing technique that originated during the Muromachi period.

Itchiku Kubota and Tsujigahana

Itchiku Kubota 【久保田 一竹:くぼた いっちく】
A famous Japanese craftsman who specialised in traditional dyeing techniques.

Tsujigahana 【辻ヶ花:つじがはな】is a multi-colour dyeing technique that used to be commonly available during the Muromachi period and up to the beginning of the Edo period. 

This technique was later replaced by a more efficient and more cost-effective dyeing technique called Yu-zen 【友禅:ゆうぜん】 a technique that is widely known even in these present days.

Itchiku was the man who developed his own techniques to re-invent the lost art of Tsujigahana throughout his life. His aim was to re-invent and develop it into his own style of dyeing. 
  • Kubota Itchiku Art Museum
    A museum that received three stars on the Michelin green guide, this place is another nice destination in Kawaguchiko, near Mt. Fuji in Yamanashi prefecture, to experience the history of Japan through art. 

  • This Kimono exhibition hall displays many of Itchiku's works.
    Each piece takes at least a year to complete, if not two.
  • The entrance fee is, 
    1,300 yen for adults,
    900 yen for college and high school students, and
    400 yen for junior high and elementary school students. 

    * Open Hours 
    Closed every Tuesday
  • The museum shop selling original items.
  • Find the cafe within for a bowl of matcha.
    Interior of the cafe is decorated by the items that Itchiku brought back from all around the world.
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