New teamLab Destination in Saitama! An Acorn Forest at the Kadokawa Culture Museum

Kanto Tour Teamlab 2020.08.05
A new permanent teamLab exhibit, “Resonating Life in the Acorn Forest”gives yet another reason to check out the Kadokawa Culture Museum in Saitama.

Image Source: teamLab

teamLab Launches a New Project at a Brand New Destination

Famous for putting together experiential digital art exhibitions (that are magical to experience and very successful on Instagram), teamLab's most popular pieces are probably the entire teamLab buildings found in Tokyo. But they've also been known to set up individual temporary pieces all over Japan, and this time they've set their sites on the newly-opened Kadokawa Culture Museum (角川武蔵野ミュージアム, Kadokawa Musashino Museum), designed by famed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. While the museum itself is full of striking libraries and somewhat more conventional art exhibitions, teamLab has set up shop in the Musashino Woods Park outside, turning the forested area into their new exhibition titled Resonating Life in the Acorn Forest (どんぐりの森の呼応する生命).

Image Source: teamLab

Located in temperate Japan, the majority of the vegetation in the parkland is deciduous oak trees, which once provided the acorns that the ancient Japanese Jomon people used as a major food source. While the trees no longer sustain the people of Saitama nutritionally, the way the forest changes each season, from lush green in the spring to red and yellow in the autumn, feeds the connection between the locals and the natural environment. Of course, humans exert their own influence on the nature around them, and teamLab's digital additions to the forest are perhaps meant to represent the changes that come with humanity―"to transform nature into art without having a physical impact on it."
The new digital art exhibition will be on display in the Musashino Woods Park beside the Kadokawa Culture Museum until further notice, and considering the museum has plenty to offer travelers as well, the whole facility will no-doubt be a must-see once Japan reopens for travel (post-COVID-19 outbreak). You'll find this exhibit's opening and others events like it in the Japankuru event calendar, where you can see details on the teamLab ticket prices and more. For other all-day destinations from Tokyo, check out Yomiuriland theme park's new Hana-Biyori botanical garden, or the beautiful views of Enoshima Island. (The more convenient Art Aquarium Museum, with glowing art featuring living goldfish, will be worth a visit too.)

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