Road Tripping in Kyushu with Nissan RENT-A-CAR

Kyushu Tour 2015.09.28
Kyushu is located at the southern tip of the Japan. Pleasant climate, comfortable hot springs, memorable cuisine, as well as the fusion of urban landscapes and nature. A gathering of all the elements of travel! Come with us as we explore the natural beauty of Kyushu in this RENT-A-CAR road trip!
# Rent-a-car in Kyushu
# Rent-a-car in Kyushu

This time, we are going to start our trip in Hakata, Fukuoka and continue on around Mount Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture, before moving towards Beppu, and Yufuin hot springs in Oita Prefecture.

The name of the route is called the "Yamanami Highway".

This particular route was chosen as one of the "Japan's hundred channels".


If you like driving, 

this is definitely a good driving route for you!


Many people will say 

Rental car travel = Kyushu


This time we will finally give it a swing!

We have a red NISSAN JUKE with us this time!


Okay!!! First things first,

we have to pick up our car at the Fukuoka Airport NISSAN RENT-A-CAR


  • [NISSAN RENT A CAR-- Fukuoka Airport store]
    [NISSAN RENT A CAR-- Fukuoka Airport store]

    Address: 3-7-2 In front of Fukuoka Airport, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka

    (3-min walk from Fukuoka Airport 2nd Terminal)

    Tel: 092-622-4123

    Open Hours: 8:00 ~ 22:00 (Saturday and Sunday holidays 8:00 ~ 20:00)

    This store (English)

  • # In front of the Fukuoka Airport Terminal
    # In front of the Fukuoka Airport Terminal

    Our trip begins here!!!

    This is the Fukuoka Airport store, in front of the domestic terminal of the airport!

    Fear not if you land at the International terminal,

    you can take the bus at the No. 1 bus stop on the 1F of Terminal 1. 

    Get off the bus at domestic terminal 2. 

    Then, you will see the NISSAN RENT A CAR on the opposite side of the road.

    [Fukuoka Airport Shuttle bus (Domestic Terminal)]

    * Bus intervals: from about 4 to 8 minutes

  • #NISSAN RENT A CAR Fukuoka Airport Branch
    #NISSAN RENT A CAR Fukuoka Airport Branch

    Why we choose here??

    Coz there are a lot of types of vehicles.

    There are many Japanese cars, Toyota, Honda, 

    but why we prefer Nissan???

    Because of its technology and our favorite^^ 

    That is why we are here this time as well!

  • Rates

    - General (P CLASS / 4 - 5 passengers) 5, 074 yen (MOCO / light vehicles) to 13, 824 yen (TEANA)

    - Sports (P CLASS / 2- 4 passengers) 21, 600 yen (SKYLINE COUPE / 370Z)

    -RV Car (RV CLASS / 5 passengers) 8, 100 yen (JUKE) ~ 15, 120 yen (MURANO)

    - Vans (W CLASS / 7-8 passengers) 10, 260 yen (LAFESTA) ~ 22, 248 yen (ELGRAND)

    -EV & Hybrid (E CLASS / 5 passengers) 10, 260 yen (LEAF) ~ 26, 352 yen (FUGA Hybrid)

     For more info:

  • Service with a smile
    Service with a smile

    Don't worry even you don't speak Japanese!

    Thanks to the welcoming from this friendly staff!

    even if you don't know Japanese, 

    the staff are well equipped to communicate and ensure an easy process.

    Just a reminder,

    the store will confirm you have the following things:

    * With reservation 

    1. Passport

    2. International Driving Licence

    3. Specified vehicle confirmation 

    4. Freeway ETC card >>  How to use?

    * Without reservation 

    - Vehicle available

    - Cash or credit card

  • Choose the right vehicle for you
    Choose the right vehicle for you

    With such an assortment of vehicles

    it shouldn't be hard to find one that'll suit your needs.

    Why did we choose this JUKE you might ask?

    1600cc direct injection engine, 190 horsepower /24.5 Torque.

    There are a lot of hills and slopes in Kyushu,

    That is why we choose this powerful JUKE!

    And because it's an SUV,

    a spacious trunk is also available!

    Sharp appearance, small but powerful.

    How cute are these Japanese vehicles!

  • # Right steering wheel / left-hand traffic
    # Right steering wheel / left-hand traffic

    Kyushu Nissan Rent A Car's are well maintained and cleaned to

    perfection when you arrive to your vehicle.

    The basic speed limit in Japan is about 60-100 km. 

    You will see most highways and roads are divided into general entrance 

    and an ETC entrance. 

    It you use cash, go through the green one gate. 

    If you have ETC card, choose the purple one gat!

    Of course, it is better to know about the travel rules in Japan before starting your road trip!

  • # Road trip in Kyushu @ Asahidai REST HOUSE
    # Road trip in Kyushu @ Asahidai REST HOUSE

    During our trip from Yufuin to Aso, we have also come across an amazing landscape observatory. 

    known as the "Aso Kuju National Park."

    For more information about this gem, check below.


    Click to see google map

  • Mother Nature's Heated Pool
    Mother Nature's Heated Pool

    This hot springs is called Kamado-jigoku. 

    It's been said that there is a ghost guarding this boiling hot water. 

    The intense smell of sulfur vapor, can only be found here!!!

    Come and experience it if you dare!

    Just park your car and only pay an 400 yen admission fee!

    #  Good for throat and skin?

    High-temperature steam is like a natural mask

    No doubt good for skin huh?!

# Scenery
# Scenery

The Beauty of nature in Kyushu is incomparable

A drive through the lush green hills is a must!

Make sure you have a durable and dependable rented by 

Nissan Rent A Car!!


Time for the trip back to Fukuoka~

Check out the full trip here!↓

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