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Tokyo Accommodation Hotels 2019.08.31
The criteria for selecting a hotel vary from person to person, but breakfast is an important part of the travel and physical strength of the day. You have to eat well so you can go around! Take a look at some of the hotels that we have been to.


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Eat Well

Your requirements when choosing a hotel may be different from another persons' opinion.
Some people care about the comfort of the bed. Some people prefer friendly staff and some don't like interference with others.

And for some of us, the kind of meals served there is very important!
It is an important part of the travel to keep you going. 
You have to eat well so you can go around! 

Here are some hotels that have nice meals as far as we know.
  • The Authentic Japanese, Kaiseki
    The Authentic Japanese, Kaiseki
    If you come to Japan, you should definitely try the Japanese authentic food.
    If you stay at a ryokan in Japan, you can try the Kaiseki style cuisine. 

    See our article for details of this hotel/ Ryokan
    Katayamazu Onsen Kasuikyo
  • Buffet style
    If you want to enjoy a variety of local specialties, we recommend the buffet style breakfast!
    Especially if you stay in a good hotel in the region, you can taste fresh dishes cooked using local specialties! 

    This one here is at the APA Resort in Joetsu Myoko. ←Official Website
    There is the sunflower fields and illumination within the hotel venue for you to see!
  • Obanzai reduces the use of stimulating seasoning as much as possible and enhances the natural taste of each ingredient.
    You can taste various kinds of side dishes that use seasonal vegetables.
    Simple Japanese breakfast consisting of main dishes such as fish, some side dishes, rice, and miso soup!
    Obanzai is a style of cuisine you will see more in Kyoto and Kanazawa. 

    Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shinmachi Bettei ←Official Website
    A Beautiful Kyoto Hotel with History
  • For those who prefer bread for breakfast.
    Most hotels offer bread, but wouldn't it be better if there's better bread than just ordinary?
    This backpackers hostel offers a reasonable amount of Western-style breakfast.

  • The bread, eggs, and salad! 
    If you want to enjoy a healthy breakfast with seasonal food, this hotel's breakfast is recommended.
    The soup here is delicious and uses a good variety of vegetables.
    They also have dishes like eggs benedict with smoked salmon breakfast plates as well depending on the season.

    Check their menu here.
    Hotel Nexus Door Tokyo ←Official Website
  • This used to be a Fisherman's easy meal during the Edo period.
    It contains clams, ginger and Japanese herb called Mitsuba.
    The name of the dish is called the Fukagawa Bukkake Meshi【深川ぶっかけ飯:ふかがわぶっかけめし】.

    Don't worry, they have other food as well. Check out their official website here.

    This breakfast is available at 
    S-Peria Inn Nihombashi Hakozaki
  • Eggs Benedict with English muffins to start your morning.

    Cut the egg in half, and you will have the smooth yolk running down.
    Looking for eggs done to your order? Then this is the place to try.

    The Gate Hotel, Tokyo by HULIC ←Official Website
  • Want a sweet start?
    This hotel offers a range of sweet breakfasts like pancakes and cereals.
    They have what's called the ultimate dessert breakfast as well, and even better, it's right next to the Tokyo Disney Land!
    Of course, they have other options for breakfast so don't you worry!
    Mitsui Garden Hotel PRANA Tokyo Bay ←Official Website
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