This Japanese Convenience Store Uses No Cash, No Cashiers, and No Cash Registers

Tokyo Culture Lifeinjapan 2020.10.07
It's a new cashless experience in cash-loving Japan, and they're calling it Lawson GO.

A Japanese Convenience Store With Not a Cashier in Sight

Earlier this year, Lawson convenience stores embarked on a brand new experiment, gearing up (they had hoped) for new technologies ahead of the Olympic Games. While some parts of that plan inevitably fell through, they did succeed in one way: opening a new unmanned convenience store! The experimental shop was actually opened inside the Kawasaki offices of Fujitsu.
  • Using a phone application called Lawson Go, customers register their credit card information in advance. Then, to even enter the store, they have to scan a QR code generated by the app. But this isn't like any other cashless payment―28 cameras arranged around the ceiling and weight sensors mounted on the shelves indentify which products each customer takes with them.
  • Then, when the customer walks out of the store, the total is automatically calculated and charged to the pre-registered card. Customers can check their digital receipts through the same app.

    Even more futuristic, Lawson announced plans to allow people to enter using just biometric data, if they choose to register their face!
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    In recent years Japanese convenience stores have been struggling with labor shortages, and having trouble staying open 24/7 as is now generally expected. Perhaps this will become the future of all Japanese convenience stores!

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