Nasu World Monkey Park - Play with Monkeys from All Over the World, in Japan!

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Pet, hold, and play the day away with monkeys from all over the world, right in the countryside of Japan! Nasu, Tochigi has some of the best zoos in Japan, and the Nasu World Monkey Park is like one big monkey zoo. Perfect for animal-lovers the world 'round.
Nasu World Monkey Park
Nasu, Tochigi is near Tokyo, but the mountain resort area is a favorite of Japanese royalty thanks to lush green parklands, refreshing weather, and onsen (hot springs). Which is probably why the monkeys like it so much, too! Unlike the outlet malls and shopping offered by other getaways favored by Japan's imperial family, Nasu offers some great destinations for animal lovers. And the Monkey Park in particular is the place to be if you love monkeys (and primates), giving you lots of chances to get up close and personal with them.
You already know what you're going to find at Nasu World Monkey Park: monkeys of all kinds! Plus a few other friendly animal friends. The park itself is split into three areas, which are the Petting Zoo (ふれあい広場), Animal Theater (アニマルシアター), and the Elephant Forest (ゾウの森).

Zoos all over the world might be moving more and more towards hands-on learning experiences, but the Monkey Park is way ahead of the curve. The little residents of the park are friendly and they want to get to know new people, which is perfect for visitors who get to really play with the animals. That makes each visit to Nasu World Monkey Park unique, and uniquely fun!
The Petting Zoo
  • Ever wanted to pet a lemur? Hug a baby monkey? Well, if you're ever going to get the chance, it's going to be right here! Accompanied by a staff member, you can slip into some simple protective clothing, and walk right into the enclosure with the rest of the monkeys! If you're lucky, one might just take a liking to you and make itself comfortable on your shoulder.

    If the lively monkeys make you a little nervous, of course, you can always just look in on the monkeys and primates from outside of their enclosures. You might just spot an adorable newborn baby or two!
The Animal Theater
  • We all know that monkeys are talented performers! And if they're not busy doing something productive, they're probably off somewhere doing something a little naughty. So there are three shows a day to keep them entertained, and to entertain the audience as well! These little monkeys are true pros.
  • There are some cameos from talented kitties and impressive parrots as well!

    Animal Theater Show Times
    10:30 / 13:00 / 15:00
The Elephant Forest
  • They might not be monkeys, but the elephants at Nasu World Monkey Park are pretty cute, too! You can hop onto their strong backs and take a little ride through the greenery of Nasu's countryside during your visit. To thank them for their hard work, you can even buy them a snack afterwards.

    Elephant Experiences
    Elephant Ride: 2,000 yen
    Rainy Day Mini-Ride: 1,000 yen
    Elephant Snacks: 500 yen

See More of the Park in Our Video! ⇩

Just as we said at the very top of this page, Nasu World Monkey Park is just one of a handful of fabulous zoos found around the Nasu area! If you have the chance, we whole-heartedly recommend a few days spent exploring Tochigi's lovely countryside, and stopping into all the animal parks nearby.

For a fabulous bird performance show and a chance to pet capybaras, head over to Nasu Animal Kingdom.

For a chance to feed lions, and a cool safari experience, check out Nasu Safari Park.

Then let us know how your trip to Nasu goes! We'd love to hear all about your experiences on twitter, instagram, and facebook!
Basic Info
NameNasu World Monkey Park (那須ワールドモンキーパーク)
Address6146 Takakuko, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi
StationKuroiso Station
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