3 Must Try Ramens in Tokyo

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Simple? No way! Ramen has lot's to it, and we are going to take you through three different kinds this time.

Have you tried any of these Ramens in Tokyo yet!?

Yes!!  Ramen (ラーメン、らー麺、らーめん)←There's too many ways to write this in Japanese. 
The standard "Chicken Broth", "Sardine Broth", "Pork Bone Broth", the "Combination Broth"...so on and so on.

Okay, ramen may seem like a simple dish, but  there's actually lots of work done behind the scene.
Ramen is one of the dishes that represents Japan for sure and we are going to introduce you three new flavours.

No.1 Keisuke (けいすけ)

Starting with this one!
Worlds first blowfish broth ramen. "Fugu Dashi, Ushio, Hachidaime Keisuke" (ふぐだし潮 八代目けいすけ).
What a long name for a ramen restaurant. Lucky for us, they have a simpler name "Keisuke".

Their signature dish here is the "Fugudashi Ushio Ramen" (ふぐだし潮らーめん).
A broth made of Fugu, the famous deadly blow fish, is their specialty.
This fugu broth along with the seasalt from Okinawa brings you a fresh delight from the ocean.

They do have a soysauce based soup as well, but if you're going for the first time, try the salt based one.
You will get the true taste of the fugu more!

See more details on this here.
  • Underground level 2 of the Tokyu Plaza in Ginza. The looks of the restaurant.
  • You purchase your ramen at the ticket machine first.

No.2 Ramen Kamuro (らぁめん 冠尾)

Right near Ebisu Station stands this Ramen called Kamuro.
They don't use any artificial flavours, nor any MSG. Their concept is a healthy bowl of Ramen.

They make a delishious ramen with fresh natural ingredients.

This on here in the picture is the "Tokusei Tori Chintan Ramen" (特性鶏清湯らぁめん). The Super Clear Chicken Broth Ramen.

They use Chicken as their main part of the broth along with Konbu (a Japanese kelp) and other vegetables.
The lovely flavour of the chicken with its clear soup is just... Perfect!

Article on Kamuro ←here.
  • Their slowcooked Chicken Cha-Shu.
  • Whole meal flour brings that flavour of the noodles to a next level.

No.3 Hakata Furyu (博多風龍)

Akihabara, one of the famous sopts for Ramen as well as their Otaku cullture, lies this "Hakata Furyu".

You get to choose how you would like your ramen done. (Just like your steak!)
- Barikata, The Extremely Hard (Noodles cooked for 7 seconds)
- Kata, The Hard (Noodles cooked for 15 seconds)
- Futsu, The Standard (Noodles cooked for 25 seconds)
- Yawa, The Soft Cooked (Noodles cooked for 50 seconds)
These are your options.

Even though the broth is made of pork bone, the soup is rather light than you would expect.
The black oil on top, called Ma-Yu (まー油), is made from garlic and onions, which is another part of their specialty.
Also, you can get up to two free servings of their noodle replacement "Kaedama" (替え玉).

Read the article on Hakata Furyu for any further details.

  • With this big sign board right in front, you won't miss it.
  • They have Free wifi within and charging sockets around the seatings.
There you go!
Three kinds of ramen in this article. Did you know any of these?

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We will leave you with a couple more links to different ramen restaurants in the end.

The BEST Natural Tonkotsu-ramen shop! Ichiran: Open 24-hours!

New Ramen Experience at DARUMANOME in Tokyo!
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