Mochi Experience Like Never Before: Tasty Gohei-Mochi with A Secret Recipe

Chubu Food Gourmet 2020.02.29
Mochi, as some of us know, is made of glutenous rice formed in different shapes and comes in different flavours, but this one here is made slightly different to others.

Goheimochi 【五平餅:ごへいもち】

Goheimochi is a specific kind of mochi made in the Chubu region of Japan. Different from ordinary mochi, this kind is made from ordinary rice instead of glutenous rice. Most of them are made into flat oval shapes and some say that's where it got its name Gohei-Mochi【御幣餅:ごへいもち】a mochi shaped into Gohei, a wand used in Shinto rituals.
It used to be eaten only on special occasions as rice used to be very expensive and precious.
If you have tried Kiritanpo【きりたんぽ】, one of Akita prefecture's cuisines, before you might be able to imagine what it's like, similar kind of food, but different shapes and flavours.
This is Koshikake-Sanso【腰掛山荘:こしかけさんそう】, it is a restaurant/ cottage located inner east towards Mikawa lake from Toyota city central, passed the Otaki Gorge.
They specialise in food made from locally harvested seasonal ingredients and Goheimochi is one of them!
They use a local rice brand called the Mineasahi【ミネアサヒ:みねあさひ】, a special kind of rice grown in the highlands of Okumikawa.
They have their special miso paste made from different ingredients and that's what makes their Goheimochi tastier!
You can enjoy your Goheimochi here while you enjoy the beautiful scenery with the gentle sounds of mother nature.
Koshikake-Sanso is located close to the Mikawa lake in Toyota city, Aichi prefecture (map).
Address: Koshikake-17-10 Habucho, Toyota, Aichi
You might want to call them in advance to make sure they are open on the day you plan your trip.
0565-90-3474 (Japanese only)

There's also a video of how they make this Goheimochi here at their official website if you are interested.
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