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Tokyo Tour Shopping 2019.07.19
In this topic, we will make some recommendations for mountain climbing this year in Japan.
Mount Tsukuba
Staying in Tokyo?
Get the Tsukuba Express to Mount Tsukuba for a day trip away from Tokyo.
Where to get your gear
Start your shopping in the Shinjuku area, they have one of the largest outdoor gear stores in the Odakyu HALC.
  • The Odakyu HALC
  • Get your outdoor needs here.
  • They've got all the gears you need.
  • All ready to go?
How to get your way around
Staying in Shinjuku?
Once you're done shopping in Shinjuku, make your way to Shin-Okachimachi station using the Oedo line to transfer to the Tsukuba Express (TX) from Shin-Okachimachi station.
Or if you're staying in Asakusa or Akihabara, get the TX from either of those stations to get to Tsukuba.
  • The TX Akihabara station
  • The TX Asakusa Station
  • Grab the Mount Tsukuba one-day pass at any of the TX stations that covers the train rides and shuttlebus, ropeways and the cable cars.
Staying in Karuizawa?
Planning for an outdoor bike ride in Karuizawa?
Here are places that you can gear up for that.
There are many outdoor wear stores in this shopping plaza.
Head to Karuizawa's Prince Shopping Plaza to find your outdoor wear.
Got your equipment?
Start riding your bike around.
Outdoor activities are fun, getting ready for that should also be fun.

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Daytrip to Mt Tsukuba
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