eZONe Uplift Your eSports Experience from 2020 at this Hotel Designed for Gamers!

Kansai Accommodation Esprots 2019.09.24
Before the 2020 Olympics, Tokyo city government has officially announced to hold an eSports Festival around January 2020. The event has been specified to be held on the 11th and 12th of January, at Tokyo Big Sight. Starting with this, Japan will be holding more big eSports events than ever! Although it is after that, there are going to be a few of hotels opening that is designed specifically for the esports players. and we will be covering the one that is opening the earliest, in April 2020 in Osaka.

Behold, the first eSports hotel in Japan is opening in Osaka!

  • Just about time!
    It is happening! There is going to be a hotel designed specifically for us gamers in Osaka.

    9 stories tall, 94 bedrooms and 71 high spec PC booths, with PCs installed in all rooms. 
  • Gaming floors on 1st floor to 3rd floor, basement level for showers and other hotel functions, 4th floor and above is going to be the cabin floors.

    eZONe is hoping that it will serve as a place for communication for the gamers who stay.
  • The pricings and other details have not yet been announced, but considering the act that it has a shared bathroom, it is more likely that the hotel serves as a capsule hotel and thus we are hoping for it to be not too expensive.
  • The famous Capcom and SNK seem to be the leading developers of fighting games in Japan and a leader in the country's highly competitive gaming community. Come here to feel the atmosphere of live eSports events all year round.

    Keep an eye out as it seems as the Tokyo Odyssey is also making a move on a different eSports hotel!

    What is your ideal eSports environment?
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