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Rajio Taiso【ラジオ体操:らじおたいそう】or Radio Calisthenics is a common routine of exercises broadcasted on the NHK radio every morning from 6:30. Why do a lot of Japanese people participate? And where can you join? Let's take a look at this unique culture of Japan. (Last updated 2020.03.29)

Rajio Taiso【ラジオ体操:らじおたいそう】Radio calisthenics in Japan

First of all, what is radio calisthenics?
Radio calisthenics is a radio program broadcasting a set of warm-up exercise guidelines along with music.
As far as we know, it is popular in Japan, China, and Taiwan. 

In Japan, NHK is the company broadcasting the program using the AM radio at 594kHz (channel name NHK Radio 1), and it goes from 6:30 am for approximately 10 minutes.

According to the Japan Post Insurance, the first broadcasting took place in 1928.
The aim was to improve the health of the general public in Japan.
Ever since then, this Rajio (= radio in Japanese) Taiso has been incorporated into a lot of Japanese people's morning routine.

The good part about this exercise is that it's been designed for anyone at any age to do on their own and without any equipment required. From children to the elderlies and there's even one that you can do while seated.
The whole exercise is separated into two sections.
The first part is aimed to improve the fitness of anyone at any age, and the second half is designed to improve muscle strength, mainly targeting a younger generation of the population.

If you would like to see a breakdown of each movement in the picture, here's a PDF file for you to download.
We will also have the videos linked at the end of the article, so if you prefer that, you can take a look at that as well.
Can you wake up for 6:30 start?
There are many places (especially parks), where you can join this radio calisthenics around Japan.
Don't worry, even if you miss the one in the morning, you can still join the ones in the afternoon.

Where can you join?

Places like the Ueno park are one of the famous spots.
If you're staying in Asakusa, you can head to the Ueno Park or the Kinshi Park.
Ueno Park is also close to spots like Yanaka, Sendagi and the Nezu area (also known as the Yanesen Area), so after you finish your early morning exercise, you can head out for a stroll around the area. 
  • Just like you saw above, there are local town communities that gather together for this Rajio Taiso, mainly during the summer holidays for the local people. But because there are communities like this, even in these modern days, you still see people doing it.
    Some are also conducted by the Radio Calisthenics Community, like the one in Ueno Park (run by the Ueno Park Radio Taiso Community)as well as the one at Osaka castle park (run by the Osaka Castle Radio Taiso Community). (By the way, the one in Ueno Park is on every day.)

If You're Interested,

We'll leave you a link to the official NHK video available on YouTube, so you can try it anytime you like.
↑↓Both of the YouTube video contents belong to "NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)" and all rights are reserved by the same entity.
If you have a chance to go and join one of the Rajio Taiso, let us know how you think about it in the comment section below, or send us a direct message through our facebook account.

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