Recommended Seasonal Destinations Around Japan 【2020 Edition】

Nationwide Tour Season 2020.01.25
Let us recommend a list of seasonal destinations for the year 2020.
Spring: from March till May

March: Tokyo Yomiuriland

  • Japan, known as a country of cherry blossoms, can be pink all across the country from mid-March till later April.
    Even theme parks can be a sightseeing location like Yomiuriland in the picture above.
    Here you can enjoy over 1,000 cherry blossom trees across the park while you ride the rides.

    Explore more about Yomiuriland here.
Add: 4015-1 Yanokuchi, Inagi, Tokyo (map)
Open Hours: 10:00 - 20:30

April: Tochigi

  • Tochigi is one of the popular destinations right out north from Tokyo surrounded by nature.
    Renting a car would be one of the easier options to reach here, to enjoy strawberry picking.

    Take a look at our travel guide to see an itinerary example of ours.
  • Oh, and make sure you visit Utsunomiya while you're there as well to try out their Gyozas!
    They are famous for that.

May: Enoshima

Summer: from June till August

June: Kurobe gorge of Toyama prefecture

  • Summer is the time when you can immerse yourself fully into nature.
    Make your activity plans for this summer and make sure you include Kurobe and the Unazuki onsen district.

    Play outdoors and relax at a hot spring! This destination is absolutely great!

July: Joetsu Myoko in Niigata prefecture.

  • Make your way to Niigata to see the bright yellow fields full of sunflowers.
    Here at APA resort Joetsu Myoko, you can fully enjoy the glory of summer. 

August: Fireworks at Tateyama, Chiba prefecture.

  • Coming to Japan and not experiencing the fireworks festival is a sin.
    There are over 1,000 fireworks all around Japan and some of them are by the sea.
    Enjoy the evening breeze while observing the fireworks.

    Go to see one of our recommendations here at Tateyama.
  • Try the shaved ice called "Kakigori" while you're there to cool yourself down even more!
Autumn/ Fall: from September till November

September: Tsuruga festival in Fukui prefecture.

  • September is the time for autumn festivals. The world's famous Tsurga Matsuri is held in a small town inside the Fukui prefecture.
    It is freely available to everyone to participate so why not go to join a true local feeling by attending their festival!

October: Osaka

  • As in one of the Japanese saying, autumn is the time to enjoy great foods, and Osaka definitely doesn't disappoint you with food! The culture of "Kuidaore" eat till you drop comes from this place and there are plenty of "Tabearuki" street foods available here.
  • Enjoy the sights and bites!

November: Toyota city, Aichi prefecture

  • Late November, when the leaves start to turn dark red is the time to go out to look for the foliage across Japan.
    In search of a rare sight? Head to Toyota, a city in Aichi prefecture to find the cherry blossoms that bloom this time of the year alongside the autumn leaves. Shikizakura is the name of the specific cherry blossoms and they aren't hard to find when you know where to look for them. Ha:mo, an electric car, is one of Toyota's newly available transport options so if you like new things like this, make sure you bring your international license!
  • Also, enjoy the gourmet of the region like this Goheimochi.
Winter: from December till February.

December: Illuminations all around Japan

Illuminations in winter in Japan is another seasonal sight.
Places like Yomiurilan in the video above and Ashikaga Flower Park are famous destinations, and just a little earlier in the year but also in Joetsu Myoko.

January: Kusatsu onsen in Gunma prefecture

February: the specialty of Hokkaido.

  • Hokkaido is a year-round destination but during winter, the land is covered by snow.
    That makes it nice for sightseeing as well as gourmet travel!
  • Japan is a destination of all year round!
    Come and enjoy your favourite season in 2020!

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