The Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo in Nakameguro

Tokyo Food Coffee 2019.10.23
I went to the Starbucks reserve in Nakameguro on a cool rainy day.

A visit to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery

It was a rainy and windy day when I went to Nakameguro.

I got off the train at Nakameguro station and took a walk up the Meguro River, northwest, towards the Meguro Sky Garden.

It's a nice walk even when it's raining around this area. You can find many small shops and restaurants.

If you walk just for a few minutes the area will change from Nakameguro to Aobadai, and that's where you will find the Starbucks reserve/roastery, right after the Don-Quijote.
  • This is the entrance.
The interior is definitely unlike other Starbucks stores you've seen.

The first thing that catches your eyes is the huge silo of raw coffee beans along with the roaster and the distribution system that covers a huge part of the store.
  • You will also find the goods section on your right as you entre.
  • Walk in further to find a counter where you can purchase coffee beans by the grams.
  • Back to the entrance and on your left is the register counter.
    The menu here is another thing you won't find at other stores.
    There's your Nicaragua, Peru, Ecuador, Ethiopia, and so on...

    For extraction methods?
    Pour-over, espresso, french press, cold brew, nitro-infused, flavoured, and all the rest!
  • You will also find the pastries here as well.
    Croissants are always a nice one to accompany your milky coffee.
  • Or even a slice of chocolate cake.
    There are so many options.
  • I went for the nice creamy Butterscotch Latte because the weather was a bit chilly. 
    They recommended their pantheon blend for this drink so I went with that one.
  • After my drink, I had a quick look around the store to see what else was around, and I came to find that the store actually had four storeys.
    The first floor was the roastery, brand shop, and the coffee specialised area.
    Then the Teavana, the tea range of Starbucks on the second then a bar on the third, with a free open space on the top.
  • It seems like they are the ones who roast the beans for all the Starbucks store that serves the Reserve range.
  • Find the TEAVANA on the second floor.
  • I wont spoil everything here.
  • A good collection of liquor here.
I had a nice relaxing morning here and a good tour of the store as well.
The Starbucks experience none like any other made my morning interesting for sure.

I heard that on a weekend the place gets packed with people and you will need to line up for a while, but I must have been lucky with the weather being rainy and managed to go on a weekday.

If you want to visit Nakameguro, you might also want to look around Daikanyama as well while you're there.
You might find all the small shops interesting.

Have fun exploring!
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