Seasonal Spots to Visit in Japan

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The Japanese seasons are unique. Each season is treated differently and that's what makes the Japanese experience!
Spring: Flowers blooming in Ibaraki
Take a look at this!
All these Nemophilas! There are approximately 4,500,000 flowers just there. Can you believe it? 4.5 million.
It's not just the Nemophilas that you can see here in Spring. 
at Ibaraki's Hitachi Seaside Park.
  • 4.5million Nemophilas on the hill at Hitachi Seaside Park is absolutely stunning.
  • The Canola flowers in early March are also beautiful to see.
Ibaraki is about one and a half hours away from Tokyo by car.
There are also places to go, like the Oarai Isosaki Shrine and the Tsukimachi Waterfalls. 

Take a look at the POIs in Ibaraki that we've posted previously for further details.
Summer: Away from the heat, cool down at the mountainous regions of Yamagata
The Risshakuji temple in the mountain of Yamagata is definitely one of the best view spots in the area. This temple was first built in the year 860 and is still a place where people come and worship. 
As Matsuo Basho (a Japanese poet) read at this temple, the quietness just reminds you that you are surrounded by nature.

The area is loved by the locals and is famous as a summer resort.
  • The Ginzan Onsen in Obanazawa, Yamagata
  • Try out the hot springs at Tendo Onsen.
Yamagata has beautiful mountains and clear water, plenty of onsens around the area.
The place is also famous for Shogi (the Japanese chess), and the whole town is full of Shogi related objects.
Autumn: Go to Tochigi to see the beautiful red leaves.
In autumn, Tochigi Prefecture is famous for its beautiful natural scenery coloured by the red leaves. 
There are many villages in the prefecture, but Nikko is one of the well-known destinations that represents Tochigi Prefecture and it is also a home to many of the World Heritage Sites.
  • The winding roads of Irohazaka
  • Kanaya Hotel (Opened 1873) is the oldest western style hotel in Japan and a National Heritage.
There are plenty to look around in Tochigi prefecture.
Take a look at our previous articles that covers 16 things and places as well as food around the whole prefecture.
Winter: Go skiing at Nagano and Niigata's famous ski resorts
Hakuba in Nagano is well known for its ski resorts.
Nagano was also one of the locations that held the winter Olympics back in 1998.
  • The Hakuba Ski Resort (Nagano)
  • Illuminations at the APA Resort Hotel in Joetsu Myoko (Niigata)
Head to Nagano for the Hakuba ski resorts and if you're heading to Niigata, there's the Akakura ski resort and the Joetsu/ Myoko area as well.
If you go to Niigata, make sure you see the illuminations at the APA resort. They hold a Guinness world record for "Largest LED sculpture" and "Largest water surface projection" and it's definitely worth looking at if you're there at the right season.

*The illuminations are on from Jun 22 - Aug 31 (from 18:00 - 23:00) and from Sep 1 - Nov 17 (17:00 - 22:00) this year. Check out their official webpage for further details. (Japanese Only)
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