5 Suburban areas around Tokyo to go to

Tokyo Tour Yokohama 2019.07.04
Introducing five different destinations to go around Tokyo to find a different sensation.
Romantic night at Yokohama
Our first destination is Yokohama.
The futuristic bayside area offers many interesting places to look at, such as the "Akarenga Souko" the red brick warehouse, Ferris wheel by the bay and, the famous China town, all within an hour away from Tokyo (by car or public transport).
A one day trip to this destination is recommended as there are really so many things to look at.
  • A view by the bay.
  • Your one-stop shopping spot, JOINUS.
In addition to those spots mentioned above, Yokohama has plenty more to offer.
Also, it's easy to head to the next destination from this place which is Kamakura and Enoshima.
Travel a bit more, come to Enoshima and Kamakura
If you were in Yokohama, you might as well travel down to Enoshima or Kamakura.
These two areas are closely located to each other and can easily be accessed from each other or even from Yokohama.
Of course, you can make your way from Tokyo as well, it's only an extra half an hour to get to.
Use the JR line and the Odakyu-Dentetsu. If you arrive in Haneda airport, the Keikyu shuttle bus can take you straight to Kamakura.
Speaking of Kamakura, did you know that place is also famous for another reason?
Yes. Slamdunk, the manga/anime about basketball.

There's also the sitting Buddha and the cats of Enoshima.
Both Kamakura and Enoshima are the best places to go to in Summer.
Jump into a little town of Edo
To get to Kawagoe, it only takes 50 minutes from Shinjuku or Ikebukuro.
It is one of the recent trending areas and is famous for the Hikawa Shrine and street food.
Stroll down the streets to look at the small shops and grab something to eat along the way.
  • The Ema's (like a little letter to write your wishes on) at Hikawa Shrine.
  • Even Starbucks has a Japanese look
Don't forget to try the Unagi while you're here and get some of the sweet potato desserts. 

Enjoy your day in Kawagoe.
The onsens in Hakone
Enjoying the public baths in Tokyo?
Why not make an extra effort to stretch out to Hakone.
A year-round destination for hot springs and sightseeing.
Plan for an overnight stay. It's definitely worth it!
  • Use the local trains to take a good look around.
  • Take the pirate ship in Hakone's lake "Ashinoko" and observe the Mount Fuji.
Hot springs, local trains, cable cars...

The Keikyu shuttle bus mentioned previously can also bring you here with no hassle from Haneda airport. 
The last but not the least. Nagareyama
First time to hear this name?
Nagareyama is definitely one of the great old-fashioned, yet a new looking trending destination.

Easy to get to from Asakusa or Akihabara by a single train ride on the Tsukuba Express. (and it only takes around 25minutes!)
  • An old house reborn into a nice cozy cafe.
  • This one reborn into a delicious bakery.
The best way to get to know this place is through its handcraft shops, cozy restaurants, and cafes, along with the small shops you see all around. 
Because Nagareyama is famous for its clean source of water it is also famous for its miso and great Sake!

Take a look at our recommendations in this article that we wrote previously to discover how to get around in a day trip.

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