The Tsurugajo in Aizu Wakamatsu with Beautiful Garden and Tea Rooms

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We've recently been to Aizu Wakamatsu in Fukushima and we found this castle located in the heart of the Wakamatsu area. Let us introduce you to this beautiful castle that we've found.
Tsurugajo 【鶴ヶ城:つるがじょう】 Castle
  • Located in the heart of Aizu Wakamatsu area of Fukushima
This castle is currently known in two different names. One which is Wakamatsu Castle.
Originally built in 1384 as a house for the Ashina clan was later turned into a castle called the Kurokawa castle by the mid-15th century.
The current building that exists was built a few years after the world war two, as the previous castle was demolished by the government that was newly formed back in those days in 1874.
  • In front of the entrance to the castle was this unique character called the Oshirobo-Kun.
    This is the character of the Aizu Wakamatsu city created to promote the city.
You can actually entre the castle as the interior of it has been restored in 1965 to a museum.
The admission fee is 520 yen, which includes a ticket to entre the Chashitsu, literally translated to the "tea room", an architectural structure built to hold Japanese tea ceremonies. 
  • Just to let you know, photos aren't allowed inside the building except at the top of the castle where you can see the great view of the garden that surrounds the castle along with the Aizu Wakamatsu city.
  • You can also see the interesting structure of the castle from a different angle.
The Chashitsu tea room Rinkaku【麟閣:りんかく】
  • Once you exit the castle, you can make your way to the tea room.
  • Look for this signboard. This is where the entrance to the tea room is.
  • After you enjoyed a short walk along the tea room, you can enjoy a bowl of Matcha green tea, there's an option of iced or hot, with a Japanese confectionery made of Japanese mountain yam and red bean paste.
    We had the iced matcha, which was surprisingly refreshing.
  • If you visit the castle at night you will see it lit up with projection mappings.
    Being autumn at the moment, it seems like the themed is the foliage of Japanese maple leaves.
Looking at other peoples' posts, it looks like it would be a great time to visit the castle during the cherry blossom seasons, autumn foliage season or even in the snowy season.
Well, that’s it for this time.
If you wish to know more about the castle, visit their official website here.
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