Enoshima Island Toro Lantern Festival (江の島灯籠) 2019 Aug 01, 2019 - Sep 01, 2019

All throughout August, the island of Enoshima will be softly lit each night by a variety of elegant lanterns. Different areas of the island will be ornamented with lanterns of different shapes and sizes, decorated with an array of traditional Japanese designs (some of which tell the history of the island!) It's a lovely chance to tour the island, stroll down the sandy beaches, and have a relaxing evening. Alongside the lovely gentle lighting, all month Enoshima Island will host a number of events, like puppet shows and Balinesian gamelan music. Wear a yukata for the event for an extra special time (and a free traditional uchiwa fan), and don't forget to say hi to the island's friendly and numerous cats!

Event Name Enoshima Island Toro Lantern Festival (江の島灯籠) 2019
Dates Aug 01, 2019 - Sep 01, 2019
Various individual events postponed or canceled in the case of inclement weather.
Address Enoshima Island, Fujisawa, Kanagawa
Venue Name Enoshima Island
Website https://enoshima-seacandle.com/event/enoshimatourou2019/
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