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Kyushu Shopping Jump 2019.10.01
Jump Shop has many anime-related goods for those who like Jump Comics!
Japanese anime/manga is strongly tied into the culture, and one of the major anime/manga production company, Shueisha has its official shop across Japan. Today we will introduce you to the one in Hakata.
  • (Image Sourced from the official website of Canal City Jump Shop page)

    The Jump Shop Fukuoka store located in Hakata Canal City is on the first floor underground of the venue. 
    The venue is approximately 15 minutes walk from Hakata station or 10 minutes walk from the Gion station.
  • (Image Sourced from the official website of Canal City Jump Shop page)
    Here is a quick access map of the first floor underground at Canal city. The area marked in magenta is the "north end of the centre walk", and that's where the Jump Shop is located.
  • This is the entrance!
    You won't miss it with the big writing and the anime characters as the entrance.
    each store has its own looks so it's interesting to go and discover the differences.
  • The shop is full of all things anime. They even have arcade games.
  • Which anime fan are you?
    Figures to t-shirts with your favourite anime characters is a dream come true!
  • They even have lip balm with a flavour and colour that matches the character's image.
  • The clothing items are always popular and other stationery goods and  items like mugs are also very popular.
  • Of course, they have key chains as well. Soft toys to hard plated ones.
    Mini-figures and shopping bags of your favourite characters.
  • Depending on the anime, they also sell uniforms that are used in the stories.
  • Jump Shop selling Jump comic anime goods is a must visit if you are a fan of Onepiece, Naruto, Hi-Kyu, and any other animes from the Shueisha publications.

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