Naked Ninja - A New Virtual Reality Experience from Kyoto's Nijojo Castle

Kansai Entertainment Castles 2020.07.18
A 3DCG way to experience the historic Nijojo Castle in Kyoto, without even leaving your home.
No, this doesn't actually involve ninjas in the nude. Naked is a Japanese company that has been working with a variety of historical sites in recent years to develop unique experiences and events, helping people appreciate ancient spaces in a modern way. Since spring 2017, one of those historical spots has been Nijojo Castle in Kyoto, where samurai once walked the grounds (and, perhaps, ninjas once sidled through dark palace halls). These days, the castle brings in crowds of sightseers, and hosts springtime cherry blossom viewing events every year. 
Image Source: Naked
But with the outbreak of COVID-19, travelers have been forced to stay home, and people are of course sadly missing the trips they had planned. So, without the chance to see Nijojo Castle the normal way, would-be travelers are finding new ways to "travel" from home.
Image Source: Naked
Naked is actually putting on two different Nijo-jo Castle events, one of which involves spending time outdoors on the castle grounds, and another that can be enjoyed from home, called "Naked Ninja: Nijo-jo Castle." The simple description of the experience says that the viewer "becomes a ninja," creeping into and sneaking around a totally 3DCG virtual Nijojo Castle. While the official information released right now isn't entirely clear, it looks like the experience will be made to play on a smartphone, using some kind of provided VR goggles to hold the small screen. We'll have to wait and see just what that looks likeーNaked Ninja will be available in late August, 2020 for 880 yen (plus shipping).
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