Become a Character in Demon Slayer, Haikyu!!, or My Hero Academia with Jump's New Character Creator

Nationwide Entertainment Anime 2020.10.05
Imagine yourself as a character in your favorite manga, or just create something entirely new!
Ever wished that you could enter the world of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and fight demons alongside Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke? Well, since demons aren't real (we hope) and Japan isn't a practical travel destination at this very moment, this new character creator from Weekly Jump (called the Jump Maker) might be as close as you're going to get.

The new mobile-only website offers a chance to put together your own character design in the style of your favorite manga heroes (just a little chibi-fied), and with all the different options for customization, you could end up with one of 5,000 different end products.
Things start pretty basic for the Demon Slayer character maker, with different hair styles, eye shapes, mouths, noses, outfits and poses. Then there are accessories, different scar shapes, wrinkles, even blush lines. There's even the option to completely cover your character's face with a number of masks, including Inosuke's iconic boar's head.

Of course, just about every option in the various menus comes from different Demon Slayer characters. You can put together Tanjiro's hair, Nezuko's eyes, and Zenitsu's little squished body, just to see what that looks like. I clearly went for Muzan Kibutsuji's feminine hair, and a collection of facial features less clearly defined by just one character.
Next, you can put yourself (or whoever your new character is) right into the manga's scenery, whether that's the elegant wisteria-filled background of Fujikasane Mountain, Muzan Kibutsuji's dread-inducing Infinity Castle, or a handful of other fun locations. If you've got a favorite character, you can choose their patterened backdrop instead, like Tanjiro's distinct checkerboard.

Last but not least, you wouldn't want to forget sound effects.

Then you tap the "all done" (完成) button on the top right...
And to finish off the experience, you add a name and choose a color, before deciding just what kind of person your new Demon Slayer will be. Do you want to be introduced as one of the Hashira? Would you rather be a demon? (You can even choose whether you'd rather be in the lower or the upper ranks of the 12 Kizuki.) A little animation lets your character join the club (whichever your club of choice may be), before bringing you to a page with the new character slipped into images of manga pages and Jump magazine tables of contents.
You can always follow in the footsteps of Twitter user Yuki, who decided that the best use for the new character designer was to recreate Japanese celebrities. Here are the three members of Japanese pop group Perfume, in the form of demon slayers.
Finally, if you love Shonen Jump but Demon Slayer isn't really your favorite, rejoice! Character makers for Haikyu!! and My Hero Academia are available, too. So go out there and design some weird characters!

If you're planning for your next trip to Japan some time in the future, don't forget to check out Demon Slayer travel destinations like Tanjiro's own Kamado Shrines, the famous onsen resort/Muzan infinity castle, and places where you can recreate anime scenes of the magical demon-repellent Japanese wisterias

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(The other character makers are pretty fun, too! I don't know My Hero Academia very well, though, so fans... please let me know how weird this combo is!)
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