Places to Enjoy the Autumn Leaves in Japan

Kanto Tour Autumn 2019.07.19
This time, we will take you to places that will be nice to go to in Autumn. Sure you have the lovely red autumn leaves in your country as well, but here are a few areas that we recommend you to go to in Japan.
The autumn leaves
The beginning of autumn is recognised by the changes in the colour of the leaves.
There are a variety of autumn leaves in Japan, some have very light colours and some turn real dark red.
Nikko, Tochigi
  • Stay at a 146 year old hotel to grasp the hitory of the surrounding area at Nikko.
The beautiful nature of Nikko awaits!
Go to see the winding roads of Irohazaka, also in Nikko.
Ibaraki has got a lot to offer throughout the year.
See the beautiful Kokias change colour in Ibaraki's famous Hitachi Seaside Park in October.
The gateway entrance to the temple.
Visit the Jakushoji temple in Tendo, Yamagata.
The temple has a history of more than 1,300 years.
  • See the beautiful view from the top of the hills
  • Hot springs in autumn are also nice. Try the Hatcho-Yu onsen in Nikko.
Here were a few spots for you to go to see this year.
Where would be your favourite?

Here are a few food suggestions for autumn as well.
Oh, and don't forget the Rugby World Cup and the World University Rugby Invitation Tournament starts this autumn as well.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

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